omagoch (omagoch) wrote in abused_filth,

1. Full name:Bryan Andrew Warner

2. Age:16

3. Favorite bands:System of a Down, Nirvana, Rise Against, Blue Man Group, NIN, Funeral for a Friend, Mailyn Manson, the list goes on and on

4. Why did you join this community?Because I basically have nothing better to do, and this community seemed pretty cool. I also enjoy getting lost in music etc.

5. What are 6 interesting things about yourself?I have a chinchilla, I was almost killed by a drunk driver when I was 3, I want to be a psychologist, im a good listener, holy crap thats only, i'm a fucking loser. I suppose that's it.

6. Give me a quote (It can be from anywhere; a movie, song, book, etc...) and tell me what it means to you.

7. What are some of your aspirations in life? To get a job and a car (hey, i'm only 16), to become a psycologist, to help people that need it, other crap that I can't remember right now. I feel lke complete shit at the moment.

8. What does a song have to have for you to completely fall in love with it?It just has to loud, and kick ass, like BYOB by System of a Down. It has its hard loud parts, then it calmer parts, well, you get my drift.

9. Tell me about your religion and why you feel it is right for you.I'm episcopalian(sp?), and it's right for me because, I just beleive in it. It's not some hardcore christian group that beleive in EVERYTHING, which I certainly do not.

10. Name two people you admire and look up to and explain why you feel that way.I don't really look up to people, but if I had to pick two it would Kurt Cobain and my brother, Adam. Kurt Cobain, well I just love Nirvana, and that's only band that I actually know anything about. My brother, well he's just fucking awesome. He can 'hook' me up with everything, not like drugs(pot etc. I find no use in drugs), but like good times and alchohol etc.

11. Post a picture of yourself. (This is optional) Click 'Me'. The rest are of my chinchilla, Jigz.
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