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1. Full name: Ashleigh-Nikole [lastname] (for those of you wondering, I have no middle name.)
2. Age: 17
3. Favorite bands: Opeth, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Iced Earth, GWAR, VNV Nation
4. Why did you join this community? It seemed interesting. I guess. A very music based community, & I love my music.
5. What are 6 interesting things about yourself? I cannot for the life of me, eat my food if I'm holding it upside down [like, hamburgers, the top bun, HAS to be on the top, or else I can't eat it.] I'm left handed, I write the letter 's' from bottom to top, I can't walk in a straight line, I can't cross my eyes, I eat food with the wrong utinsels.
6. Give me a quote (It can be from anywhere; a movie, song, book, etc...) and tell me what it means to you. Oh wow. Uhm. "False love, turned to pure hate." I guess. Reasoning? I've been through that many times before. I've thought that I loved someone, & that they loved me as well, but it ended up being untrue, & we went from being best friends, to hating one another.
7. What are some of your aspirations in life? I hope to become a psychiatrist, but I think I'd get bored with that, because my ultamate passion, is of course, music. So, I'm also thinking of going into music production/mixing. because, i'd also like to become a DJ, who spins darker stuff, you know?
8. What does a song have to have for you to completely fall in love with it? Talent. Uhm, actually. I don't really get into songs until I've heard them live, because, of course a song can be WONDERFUL on the album, but it can suck ass when its live. So, when I hear it live, I'm usually just kind of looking for flow and whether the timing is correct and if they're tuned correctly & shit. I'm so picky that it's sickening.
9. Tell me about your religion and why you feel it is right for you. I have no set religion. However, I do believe that there is a "Higher power" whether it's name is God, or whether it's name is James. I like certain aspects to different religions, but the only thing about the religions, is that a lot of them are like, "you have to do this, or you'll go to hell." kind of thing. So, yeah.
10. Name two people you admire and look up to and explain why you feel that way. My Mom, because she's taught me that saying what you feel isn't a bad thing, and that a lot of the times, when you say what you feel, peeople tend to understand where you're coming from. She's also helped me through, EVERYTHING that i've gone through.
Michael Allig; Well, he had a dream, and he followed it, yeah; it landed him in jail in the end, but if it weren't for him, i think a lot of us today wouldn't be as accepted as we are. he really introduced me to the idea that it is, indeed okay to be differnt, and that no matter what, you can have fun.
11. Post a picture of yourself. (This is optional)

please, spare me the scene comments, thankyou.
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