tazik_1 (tazik_1) wrote in abused_filth,

Hallo! My name is Nataly. I`m from Russia. I am fan of Moonspell already 4 years. Unfortunately, in Russia i met so few people, who like music of Moonspell. I tryed to find russian forums, but... majority of them is die...
Yesterday Moonspell gave the concert in Moscow. It was wonderful!!!

I have 2 qestions for fans from different countries...
1) I was trying to find poems of Fernando Pibairo for a long time. But... i can't find it. As you know, Fernando printed book of poem "As Feridas essenciais" ("The Essential Wounds") and (in my mind, he have already printed "Como exca vara cum abysso"). May be... somebody have this books in electronic version...?
2) Have the new alboom of Moonspell (in my mind, it is call "Memorial") already been on sale in your country?


P.S.: Sorry for my terrible english!
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