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Freeze romance where angels bare

Lost to love, bloodloss, despair.

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This is a community for anyone with a love for dark, heavy music who feels they need to express themself. I have been mentally abused my whole life and the cruelty of people has molded me into this person I am. I love going to concerts and completely losing myself in the music for that is the one thing that helps the most. I have only met one person like myself before and she is a very good friend. She's one hott whore by the name of Meaghan. By creating this community, I was hoping to meet new people who I could relate to. I have a very high standard for intelligence. If you're immature, close-minded, ignorant, an attention seeker, a backstabber, disrespectful, etc. this community is not for you. To assure people like that do not join, I have an application form that is necissary to become a member.

Steps to joining
1. Add this community to your journal.
2. Fill out the application below.
3. I will decide if I like you or not based on your application.
4. If I like you, you will be aproved. If I don't like you, be sure to delete this community from your journal or I will hunt you down.
5. Once you are accepted, feel free to post anything. If you want to debate, discuss, talk about the latest news from a band, talk about religion, a concert you just attended, or anything, post it.


1. Full name:

2. Age:

3. Favorite bands:

4. Why did you join this community?

5. What are 6 interesting things about yourself?

6. Give me a quote (It can be from anywhere; a movie, song, book, etc...) and tell me what it means to you.

7. What are some of your aspirations in life?

8. What does a song have to have for you to completely fall in love with it?

9. Tell me about your religion and why you feel it is right for you.

10. Name two people you admire and look up to and explain why you feel that way.

11. Post a picture of yourself. (This is optional)

If you have any questions for or about me, IM me or leave a comment. I'll give you a brief portrayal of myself.

Likes: Autumn, walks in the rain, full moons, romance, Halloween, winter, snow, night time, walks at night, red roses, pale white skin, witchcraft, Cradle of Filth, writing poetry, reading poetry, writing songs, writing stories, playing guitar (I love my Ibanez more than anything.), B.C. Rich guitars, the ocean (Just to look at.), deep conversations with certain people, thunderstorms, windy nights, starry nights, sunsets, opiate artwork, dead trees, cemetaries, reading good novels, childrens' fairytales, castles, Victorian styles and clothing, victorian jewelry, black beaded jewelry, flowing black clothing, vintage shops, blood, Subway, cheesey horror movies, spells

Dislikes: Smoking, drugs, alcohol, people who try to be something they're not(aka posers), people who have an obsession with Hot Topic and only buy clothes from there, people who cut themselves then go around showing off their scars to everyone, People whom insist on rambling on about useless crap that I, or anyone else for that matter, doesn't care about (c'mon now, I don't do it to you, show some respect), simple minds, backstabbing friends, ignorance, people who always say how depressed they are and say how much they hate their life and wanna die (Shut the hell up, no one likes you, you just want attention), egotistical people, disrespectful people, immaturity, shallow people who can't see what's behind the face and body, people who lie, People who use abreviations while talking on-line (lol, brb, g2g, lmao, etc...), people who judge me before they know me (Oh my god. She is such a freak. Oh my god she's wearing black so she's a bad person. Stare at her because she's different. Oh my god...), racism, homophobic people, people who give me thier opinion when I don't ask for it ("I like your make up and everything but I think you wear too much. I think you look better when you don't wear as much."), people who preach to others about their religion, people who are close-minded (your opinion isn't the only one that matters, get over yourself), people who demoralize themselves, people who spread rumors, people who talk behind their friends backs then deny it (Just say it to my face you cunt), People who say LOL and LMAO in every fucking sentance (You do realize it gets annoying very quickly, right?), and people who are assholes to others (No one likes you and you're not getting popular so shut the hell up.)

Here is a picture of me:

And here is a picture of my darling Meaghan and I:

Alright, I was having trouble keeping it brief but at least you know now if we would get along.